SEO and how it works

SEO and how it works

What is SEO?

SEO(Search Engine optimization) is the way of ranking your website on Google. Google follows an algorithm and display the website with quality content at the top. This is done by SEO. Crawler keeps searching of every web page that is created and other page that are linked to it. A search engine will rank your website at 1st position when you have high quality content with good keyword ranking, and links coming from other sites(back links). Now the main question is what are these terms- keyword ranking, backlinks, and how it is done?

First of all let me explain you what are keywords, and how it is beneficial for SEO

Let me give you a straight example-

Many times you might have searched for many topic on Google. For example-you searched- “Best SEO companies”. Google will show you all the articles, links related to your searched term. This searched term “Best SEO company” is a keyword under which all the websites related to it are ranked.

There are many other websites which are set under a particular keyword and many websites might be using the same keyword. So how does Google rank a particular website?

When an article is written and set under a keyword. Google send some traffic to that website and examine the stay time of the traffic. More the stay time, higher the ranking.


Backlinks are also a part of Seo. Links coming from one website to another are called backlinks. Google rank the website with backlinks from website with good traffic. Google ignores the backlinks with different niche. For example- if a health website links to technology website. Google will ignore it. But if a health website links to another health website Google will rank it.

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